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Lema products have been created by a skin-care therapist that has worked with clients with different skin concerns, skin reactions to salon products and salon products that just do not give the best results. Lema products have been tried and tested and proven to give results. Lema uses high-quality oils and active aromatherapy ingredients to create a natural product range that helps treatment and prevention of skin concerns and restore irritated skin that reacts to preservatives. Lema is a natural alternative if you suffer from irritation from products or not getting the desired effects for your skin concerns. Our skin care range is for the whole body and for all skin types. Normal, combination, oily/acne, mature/dehydrated skin type, body, hair, babies, men, salves.

Why us

When is Natural really Natural…?

Take the time to read the ingredients listed, and make sure they have used 80-90% natural ingredients in the product and see that the ingredients occur in our natural environment , like for example the Jojoba and tea tree oils. Lema natural skin care uses 100% Natural Soil & Ecocert Association Approved Botanical Oils.

The Lema Skin Care Range is a vegan & cruelty-free product and the containers can be re-used or recycled. I am an internationally qualified skin-care therapist with years of experience, showing positive results on both normal and problematic skin. Due to my own struggle with sensitive skin and as well as that of my daughter’s, I found it necessary to create a product that would address both our needs and that which we could use on a daily base. The product is made to individual needs.Microbes thrive in water. Thus, by minimising the amount of water added to my products, I am able to reduce this microbial activity and extend the shelf life of my products without needing to add excessive preservatives. Only natural preservatives are used in cases where a floral hydrosol is added to the product. For prolonged shelf life, store away from direct sunlight. Ensure that the lid is securely tightened after use and take care as not to contaminate the mixture with other products or water.

There is no middleman involved in the distribution of the skin care products, thus no additional commission costs of regular online shopping are added to the price. No extra 50% commission going to your favourite online shop.
No products sitting unused on shelves in hot warehouses, reducing the effectiveness of the active ingredients. Packaged in glass containers that can be returned, sterilised (free) and refilled at your request. Change your perception of skin care products, with Lema, less is more…fewer ingredients for better results. Free analysis and advice offered on receipt of your emailed photo (include a brief description and concerns). With a combined knowledge of all new and time-tested products, the customer gets to enjoy the benefits of a specialised, salon skin care range in the comfort of their own home.

The healthier your skin becomes,
the less product you use, less often.

All natural skin care products

Our Products

"I used every drop of my Lema products.
After using Lema, my skin feels nourished."

Lema Skin Care treats skin concerns and restores irritated skin that reacts to preservatives and store bought products

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If you have any enquiries or would like to place an order,  please feel free to contact me by using the contact details below or by filling in the form.

Suné Engelbecht  
082 550 0392
Skin-care Therapist
Somatologist / Aesthetician / Cosmetologist




- Free skin analysis -

Lema Skin Care offers a free skin analysis. Send us a facial photo and describe all the concerns you have with your skin:


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